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  • Enterprise Back to Chinese


    Guangdong Strong Group Co., ltd. was founded in 1992, producing and selling major product series of jelly, pudding, instant seaweed, milk tea and chocolate biscuits. The group has a number of brands such as Strong, U.loveit, Sweet Hour and Happy Hour.

    Headquartered in Shenzhen,Guangdong the group possess capital asserts nearly 10 billion yuan and has a workforce of nearly 15 thousand including management, marketing, R&D and manufacturing staff. The Group has set up four modern industrial bases in Yangjiang,Guangdong, Lishui,Nanjing, Baoding,Hebei and Suining, Sichuan respectively.  All bases have passed ISO9001, GMP, HACCP and other quality systems, and become automated modern enterprises that lead China’s food GMPs.

    The Group has set up over 40 branches and offices in China, and has developed a sound nationwide marketing network including more than 1000 dealers and over 10 thousand distributors. The products are also sold to overseas, such as Europe, North America and Southeast Asia etc. The Group’s annual sales scale exceeds 10 billion.

    In 2013, The Strong Group established the Property Development Division, focusing on urban complexes and commercial residential development. Through in-depth cooperation with world-class commercial organizations, we create urban landmarks that combine high-end shopping, leisure, entertainment and residence to enhance the city's taste and quality of life. Projects in Shenzhen, Nanjing, Yunfu, Jiangmen, Meizhou, Yangjiang, Wuhan and other cities are under construction.

    The Strong people are working hard to build the group into a world-class enterprise!

    Introduction-Yangjiang Manufacturing Base

    Guangdong Strong Group Co., Ltd.

    Yangjiang Manufacturing base of Stong Group Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city Yangjiang, Guangdong. It was built in 1998 and put into operation in the beginning of 1999. This modern garden-style industrial park covers 330,000 square meters in land and 200,000 square meters in building.

    The base manufactures and sells all series of the Group’s products including Strong jelly, Sweet Hour instant seaweed, U.loveit milk tea and Happy Hour chocolate biscuits etc. The products are mainly supplied to South China market.

    The base is an enterprise with complete equipments and standard management. We purchase excellent materials and advanced equipments from over 10 countries worldwide and execute strict production and quality management to produce satisfactory products for consumers. The quality of our products has reached the level of world food standards. In order to integrate with the international standards, we have established comprehensive quality control system according to IS09001-2000.

    In August 2003, Passed Guangdong Health Foods GMP Audit

    In June 2004, Passed CQC IS09001 Quality Certification by China Quality Certification Center

    In December 2005, passed CQC HACCP System Certification by China Quality Certification Center

    Year 2005 to 2008, continuously granted as high-tech enterprises by Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department

    Year 2010 to 2012, continuously won the honor of “China Quality Credit Enterprise”

    Year 2010 to 2012, continuously won the title of “Grade A Food Hygiene”

    Year 2015, the first enterprise to be recognized through the national integration management system of informatization and industrialization

    Year 2017, rated as “China Import and Export Quality Integrity Enterprise”

    Year 2018, awarded the honorary title of National Worker Pioneer

    Our values: be practical and realistic, be rigorous and efficient; be looking for method without no excuse, be offering suggestion without no complain.

    Introduction - Nanjing Manufacturing Base

    Guangdong Strong Group Co., Ltd.

    Nanjing manufacturing base is located in national garden and ecological city Lishui District, Nanjing. It’s a modern industrial park, founded in 2003. The base covers 400,000 square meters in land and more than 220,000 square meters in building.

    The base is mainly responsible for production and sale of Strong jelly, Sweet Hour instant seaweed, U.loveit milk tea and Happy Hour chocolate biscuits etc. The products are mainly supplied to East China market.

    The base owns excellent hardware facilities. All buildings are constructed according to GMP standard and the manufacturing area is designed strictly following GB14881《General hygienic regulation》 for food enterprises. Meanwhile the base was invested to build the most advanced High-low temperature cold warehouse in East China area for raw material storage to guarantee the product quality.

    The Nanjing base organizes production by choosing excellent raw materials and advanced equipments from the world to strengthen the quality management and improve the product quality. We also have set up a complete quality assurance system covering material inspection, process control, finished product inspection and after-sales service etc. In general, this quality system assures that our products meet the needs of the consumers, which delivers the customers’ satisfaction.

    Year 2012, awarded the advanced enterprise of “Thousands of Enterprises Helping Thousands of Households”.

    Year 2010-2012, successively rated as “Jiangsu Civilized Unit”.

    Year 2013, named “Jiangsu Province Green Food Demonstration Enterprise”.

    Year 2013, recognized as a key leading enterprise in the city-level agricultural industrialization in Nanjing.

    Year 2014-2016, successively rated as a demonstration enterprise of the laver industry in Jiangsu Province.

    Year 2016, recognized as a scholarly enterprise in Nanjing.

    Year 2017, assessed as the Nanjing Workers' Cultural Demonstration Base.

    Year 2018, recognized as a high-quality development of advanced industrial enterprises.

    Our visions are to be a good enterprise owning social responsibility, and be well-known in the industry that our products are respected by customers; our employees enjoy their happy work, and bring value to our partners.

    Introduction - Hebei Manufacturing Base

    Guangdong Strong Group Co., Ltd.

    Hebei manufacturing base is located in Dingxing, Baoding, the flourishing economic area with convenient transportation close to Beijing, Tianjing and Tangshan. It is a modern industrial park, completed in 2010. It is also the first batch of key construction projects of year2008 inHebei province. The base covers nearly 350,000 square meters in land and 120,000 square meters in building.

    The base is mainly responsible for production and sale of Strong jelly, Sweet Hour instant seaweed, U.loveit milk tea and Happy Hour chocolate biscuits etc. The products are mainly supplied to North China markets, and also supply Northeast and Northwest China markets.

    The base’s design has fully integrated advantages of food production plants from home and abroad, so its production technology is more advanced, its production environment is more comfortable and its logistics is more reasonable and practical. All these has led the base been a model of modern food plant.

    The base’s production control is extremely strict. Not only it has advanced management mode, international certificated quality assurance system, but also it has over 10 sets manufacture equipments imported from Germany, Italy, Japan and America. All these have provided reliable protection for production and quality control improvement.

    Year 2010, recognized as a “five-star safety unit” by the Baoding Municipal Public Security Bureau

    Year 2011, recognized as the “Top 100 Private Enterprises in Hebei Province”

    Year 2012, awarded the “Advanced Enterprise of Moral Practice in Promoting the Spirit of Filial Piety”

    Year 2013, won the Gold Award in the honorary list of the “Model Baoding” Responsible Enterprise

    Year 2013, recognized as the “Top 100 Private Enterprises in Hebei Province”

    Year 2015, awarded the “Three Eight” Red Flag Collective in Hebei Province

    Year 2016, recognized as a national high-tech enterprise

    Year 2017, recognized as “Key Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization in Baoding City”

    Our missions are to pursue stronger and better, and create a healthy and happy today and tomorrow together.

    Introduction - Sichuan Manufacturing Base

    Guangdong Strong Group Co., Ltd.

    The Sichuan production base is the fourth production base invested by Strong Group. It is located in Suining City Sichuan Province, which is known as the National Health City and the Global Green City. It was completed and put into operation in August 2017. It is a modern and advanced leisure food industrial park. The factory covers an area of nearly 280,000 square meters and the total construction area is 180,000 square meters.

    The base is mainly responsible for production and sale of Strong jelly, Sweet Hour instant seaweed, U.loveit milk tea and Happy Hour chocolate biscuits etc. The products are mainly supplied to western market and radiate the Central South market.

    Sichuan production base adopts the global advanced factory design concept, in order to make the factory layout reasonable, practical and efficient, and to purchase advanced production equipment and testing equipment from all over the world, and strive to achieve 100% fully automated production and inspection to ensure product quality be a first class in domestically and internationally.

    Year 2018, won the 2017 Economic Development Contribution Award of Suining Economic and Technological Development Zone

    Year 2018, won the “Three 100,000” Workers' Labor Competition Innovation Achievement Award

    Year 2018, rated as “excellent private enterprise in Sichuan Province”

    Year 2018, rated as “Outstanding Private Enterprise in Suining City”

    Year 2019, won the 2018 Annual Economic Development Special Contribution Award of Suining Economic and Technological Development Zone

    Our values are honesty and honesty, self-discipline and due diligence and doing everything well.

    Production Equipment

    Excellent product quality comes from scientific management and advanced production equipment. Since its inception, Strong Group has invest a large number of advanced equipment at home and abroad.

    The company adopts domestic advanced automatic water treatment system. Purifying the water through coarse filtration, fine filtration, adsorption, anion exchange, micron filtration and ultraviolet sterilization, it provides high quality pure water for products; automatic sugar melting system and automatic electric cooking control system also provides high quality and stable raw materials for the products.

    The jelly automatic filling machine independently developed by Strong Group adopts Japanese Mitsubishi PLC and Panasonic servo control technology, and has intelligent automatic diagnosis and alarm function. It is the advanced jelly filling machine in China. Automatic jelly batching system, fully automatic cooking system, fully automatic pasteurization system, fully automatic packaging equipment, and a large number of advanced equipment such as automatic check weighing and metal detection in Japan and the United States, with all these advanced equipment, the Group provide reliable and powerful hardware support for producing high quality products.

    Over the years, the group has invested hundred million yuan on importing equipment. By strict and scientific management, currently the group has successfully passed GMP, IS09001, HACCP certification, etc., and continuously provides consumers with high-quality and healthy products.

    CopyRight 2011, All Rights Reserved Guangdong Strong(Group)Co.,Ltd. YUE ICP 05005622
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